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APEKS win VCT Challengers Polaris after defeating FOKUS

APEKS is one step closer to Ascension!

APEKS, the VALORANT roster featuring former FNATIC superstars, were crowned the winners of VALORANT Challengers League: Northern Europe after defeating FOKUS in the Grand Finals with a solid 3-1.

APEKS defeated FOKUS in the Grand Finals in a Best of Five game. The first map was Icebox, APEKS' own map-pick, although the German organization's team tried to put a fight here, Keiko just wasn't having it and popped off, ending the first game in the latter's favour. The second map was Lotus, FOKUS's own map-pick, the clan didn't focus too much here as their own map-pick backfired on them, resulting in another map win for APEKS. The third map was Split, APEKS' own map-pick, just like FOKUS before them in their own map-pick, the Nordic organization's team failed to put an end to this series, extending the game to a fourth map and giving FOKUS a bit of hope in the process. The last map was Haven, FOKUS's own map-pick, needless to mention, APEKS closed the series.

Stats wise, APEKS' Keiko, former BONK member, popped off and delivered when it mattered. The English talent secured a whooping 1.32 Rating throughout the four maps, as well as a solid 272 ACS.

With the win, APEKS are the winners of Split 1 and have been awarded 110 Circuit Points as well as a big prize ($7380). FOKUS got 80 Circuit Points for their second-place finish and a sizeable prize as well ($4700). The rest of the final standings are as follows:

  • 3rd: HSDIRR-  65 CP
  • 4th: LBP -  45 CP
  • 5th: BONK -  35 CP
  • 6th: Who Cars? -  20 CP
  • 7th: VAMONOS - 15 CP
  • 8th: Human Tripwires - 5 CP

Thumbnail courtesy of APEKS Website.

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