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Valorant Mobile Leak Reveals New Animations And More Features

Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

The mobile version of VALORANT has been on every player's mind since it was first announced to be a concept. A mobile port will allow more players to get in the game than ever before and, assuming that there is cross play and cross save support, will encourage more players to play the game in their free time as there are more ways to play.

The mobile version of the game will include animations for the characters, adding previously unseen elements to the characters. While technically, the animations were always featured in the PC version, they were limited only specific areas of the game. In the mobile version, it looks as though it will happen more often.

A new feature, titled post-match MVP, is also being introduced to this version of the game, as featured in the Chinese beta testing. This allows a segment as the animation sequence ends where the game performance of the MVP is displayed. This is a great, and competitive, way to show all the other players there who really is the best.

As Riot Games inches closer to the finish line, the final release and announcement of a launch date becomes more and more exciting.

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