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VALORANT: Every Wallbang Spot on Lotus

Pull out your guns and shoot through these paper-thin walls to score some kills and secure rounds in Valorant.

Have you ever used your weapons to kill an opponent without seeing them behind a wall? This mechanic is actually present in Valorant and the vast majority of first-person shooters.

Every map in Valorant boasts spots where you can wallbang to deal damage and score bonus kills. Lotus, the newest addition to the list of available maps, is not an exception.

On January 10, 2023, Lotus, nestled within India's lush jungles, was made public. Huge vines that saunter around the walls, and the enormous lotus in the center and perched atop the ruins are some of its distinguishing characteristics. The new features, such as the destructible wall and revolving door, were also introduced on this map.

Just like any other maps, there are walls around Lotus that you can shoot through, and knowing which is penetrable and not can be an excellent way to win some rounds.

Here are all of Valorant Lotus wallbang locations and tips on how to take advantage of them.

Which Valorant weapons are suitable for Wallbanging?

Shooting through a wall and allowing bullets to pass through it to hurt or kill opponents is known as wallbanging. The material and thickness of the wall determine what kind of weapon can be used. Scattered around the map are paper-thin walls you can use to your advantage. In this case, you may use light to heavy penetration weapons. However, thicker walls will require only high-penetration ones.


  • Classic
  • Shorty
  • Frenzy
  • Stinger
  • Bucky


  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Judge
  • Bulldog
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Marshal


  • Sheriff
  • Guardian
  • Operator
  • Ares
  • Odin

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All Wallbang Spots on Lotus

Brown Crates

Most maps, including Lotus, have crates strewn about them. You might see some containers pushed up against the wall on this map. It makes sense given its positioning that some players could attempt to play behind it and wait for their prey, occasionally using a shotgun. It's a good thing that you can fire through crates and wall-bang this to potentially obtain an easy kill without even looking.

Requires medium to high penetration weapons except for Ghost, Spectre and Judge.

Rotating Door

The rotating door is the newest map feature in Valorant found on Lotus. Surprisingly, the middle part of the door is wallbangable.

Requires heavy penetration weapon only.

A - Tree

Sick of enemies that are camping behind this tree, looking for a sneaky kill? Upon entering Tree, you can shoot through any part of this trunk to eliminate them with ease.

All weapons can be used.

Between Tree to A Main

Here's wall that divides A main and A tree. Any information you have about your opponents can be used. If you have enemy-revealing abilities, this is going to be extremely beneficial. As soon as you hear somebody going for the orb, you can take them out quickly by firing through the area to the right of the switch.

With the exception of light penetrating weapons, you can shoot them once they’re revealed.

Between Tree and A site

A site and A tree are separated by a wall that is also wallbangable. Having this kind of information can be crucial in postplant and retake situations.

Requires heavy penetration weapons.

A - Hut

This Hut that is sitting in the middle of A site has a side that's wallbangable. The side that's facing A Top and A Drop is rather thin that any weapons can be used to shoot opponents through it.

A - Stairs

Several players tend to stay on the stairs when defending A site on Lotus in the hopes of blasting heads off from a distance. There is a corner in this area of the map where enemies can hide, but what's interesting about it is that it is wallbangable, making it simple to take out enemies who are hiding behind it.

A - Lobby

Yep, it is also possible to gain an easy kill through this wall. At the start of the round, you may stand behind the wall and use an Odin to kill enemies in A lobby or anyone who tries to peek out from A site.

Only heavy penetration weapons are allowed.

Some foes prefer to stand behind the breakable door in the hopes of scoring a few hits. They can easily find cover through the wall next to the door, making this location appear to be safe. But, the good news is that it can be wallbanged.

However, only heavy penetration weapons like the Sheriff, Odin, Ares, and Operator can break through these strong walls.

B - Pillars/Spawn

Players can use medium to high penetration weapons to wallbang this spot between pillars and spawn.

B - Upper

You may opt for a wallbang kill against opponents trying to rotate from A to B through B upper. You can spam this area with your weapons and hope to get a kill.

All weapons can be used.

B - Upper

You can shoot through this section using a strong penetrating weapon from B Upper. This is an excellent safe strategy against opponents rotating from C link, or when denying defuse near C link.

Wanna punish enemies trying to hide in this area? Get an Odin or any high penetration weapons, and shoot through this part to eliminate them.

C Site

The C site has a peculiar layout, with the plant location on an elevated platform enclosed by a slight lip. This part is so thin that any weapon, even a classic can be used to wallbang this spot.

C Wall

A broken wall siting in the middle of the site can also be penetrated. You can attempt to shoot through this wall to prevent enemies from planting, deny defuse or simply kill anyone who dares to hide behind it.

Take note that only strong penetration weapons can be used here.

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