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VALORANT Episode 7 Act 3 Battlepass: Skins, Cards, Gun Buddies and Sprays Preview

All the skins and content in Episode 7 Act 3 Battlepass!

VALORANT Episode Seven Act Two is coming to an end in the next few hours, with Act Three going live in a matter of hours. Episode Seven Act Three will feature the introduction of a new duelist (Iso), and will include a beautiful battlepass to grind and unlock its skins. Here's everything we know about Episode Seven Act Three Battlepass.

Episode 7 Act 3 Battle Pass

Skin Collections

via @KLaboratories

Sandswept Collection


  • Sandswept Sheriff
  • Sandswept Vandal
  • Sandswept Marshal
  • Sandswept Spectre
  • Sandswept Melee

Libretto Collection


  • Libretto Ghost
  • Libretto Bulldog
  • Libretto Operator
  • Libretto Stinger

Silhouette Collection


  • Silhouette  Guardian
  • Silhouette  Ares
  • Silhouette  Judge
  • Silhouette Frenzy


via @KLaboratories

Includes: Updraft Scare, There Is Only One Truth, Hidde'n Peek, Sillhouette, Penalty Call, Spark Shock, The Big Bet, Break Time, Keep Your Paws Off, Frager's Fall, Splash Zone, Ego Boost, One Last Bit, Sandswept, Libretto.

Player Cards

via @KLaboratories

Includes: Libretto, Fault Line Schema, Sandswept, Unstoppable // KAYO, ISO ID, The Fundation, Sillhouette, Rooftop Revetry, Order For Owen! In The Pocket, Mementos PT 2, Verusus // Breach + Raze, Epilogue: Order For Owen.

Gun Buddies

via @KLaboratories

Includes: Libretto, Ep 7 // 3 Coin, Treble Clef, Sandswept, Winter Whisper, Bumble Stitch, Sillhouette, Hundreds And Thousands, Let It Cook, Epilogue: Treble Clef.


via @KLaboratories

Includes: Grr Title, Bet Title, Rockets Title.

Episode 7 Act 3 Battlepass Price

As usual, it will cost 1,000 VP.

More information and pictures of Episode 7 Act 3 Battle Pass will be revealed soon.

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