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Top 10 Highest Earning VALORANT Pro Players

That's alot of money

VALORANT became of the pillars of Tac-FPS games in the world, and its esports scene is thriving more than ever. With the current VALORANT Champions Tour Season ending, and as we move towards the OFF//SEASON. Here are the top ten highest earning pros in VALORANT.

Highest Earning VALORANT Pros

1- Ethan ($288,224)

It is no surprise that Evil Geniuses'star Ethan would make the cut. Ethan won Champions with Evil Geniuses, and prior to that, Evil Geniuses were the runners-up for Masters and the third in Americas League. Ethan has been a superb flex for EG, and a major part of their success, and who can forget his exceptional performance in Los Angeles.

2- Jawgemo ($260,897)

Evil Geniuses' stars will keep on rolling as we go down the list. Jawgemo also was a major part of the organization's success in Americas and international events. With him on Omen, Astra and Raze, it helped Evil Geniuses elevate to the next level.

3- C0M ($256,825)

Evil Geniuses' genius and clutch master made waves before he signed for them. Former Akrew star was farming tier two events, and when Evil Geniuses picked him up he stepped up his game and, in turn, made the team step up as well.

4- Boostio ($255,267)

The mastermind and giga-brain behind Evil Geniuses' success tale. Boostio might be one of the best in-game leaders North America has to offer, and there's a reason Evil Geniuses stuck with him for so long. This veteran made calls, in game and outside the game to make the team elevate to the next level and help them reap titles, a true genius. His Sentinel role was essential to this team, and his Chamber was applauded in the biggest stages.

5- Demon1 ($248,067)

Brought on mid-season, the superstar of Evil Geniuses carried the team, in a literal sense, to their first international event. Demon1 is the best player in the world right now, and it is not hard to figure out why. In his role on the duelist, he makes the flashiest clips in the biggest stages and makes it look like the easiest thing.

6- Chronicle ($210,724)

FNATIC turned into a monstrous team after signing Chronicle. Chronicle helped the team get their first international title in Brazil and then their second in Japan, the addition just changed the odds for FNATIC and made them the best team in the world. And it made sense for FNATIC to get him, because even prior to this team, Chronicle won Masters Berlin with Gambit and was among the runner-up of Champions that season as well. He is the symbol of consistency.

7- Saadhak ($209,434)

The king of Brazil. Saadhak put LOUD out there, and helped it farm titles. From winning Champions of last season to winning Americas League and winning almost all the local Brazilian tournaments prior to that, it cements Saadhak as an icon and a pro to be looking out for.

8 & 9- Mindfreak & F0resakeN ($197,401)

Paper Rex's duo Mindfreak and Foresaken are the founders of W Gaming. The duo innovated and made the unorthodox approach of just pushing and making the silliest strategies work in the international stages, and it made them farm multiple titles like Pacific League.

10- D4v41 ($197,334)

Cofounder of W Gaming, he also made waves in Pacific alongside his teammates and although Paper Rex fell short to other teams in the international stage, it didn't stop him or the others from continuing the grinding for another chance at it.

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