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Riot Games Unveils Jax’s ASU With Brand-New Splasharts and Voicelines

"Imagine if I had a real weapon"

After nearly a decade, Jax is finally receiving his well-deserved Art and Sustainability Update. In the current PBE, his new in-game model, splash arts, and voicelines have already been revealed.

Jax, one of Runeterra's greatest weapon masters, has been a part of League of Legends for over a decade. As a result, when compared to the newer additions to the rosters, Jax's design appears outdated. Therefore, Riot's previous announcement about the upcoming Jax ASU (Art and Sustainability Update) has brought joy to its player base, especially Jax mains. It seems that players will not have to wait long, as it is currently live in the PBE.

In the upcoming LoL patch 13.20, Jax's visual overhaul will go live, and his new form will become available to players. With Jax’s ASU, players can expect plenty of alterations, including changes to his splash art, voicelines, model, and animations. One of the noteworthy changes, aside from these, is his weapon.

According to the dev blog released last April, Riot emphasized that they had no intention of giving the Icathian warrior an actual weapon like a sword or blade. Instead, they highlighted the importance of his weapon by making it seem like it's burning all the time, particularly when he uses his skills. In Jax's lore, the burning Brazier Stave was the only thing left and which symbolized hope for him amid the collapse of Icathia during the Void War.

In the new splash arts, most of the features of the fearsome toplaner remain intact. Jax wears a violet robe with tinted stripes and a mask adorned with six blue eyes. However, it appears that the Grandmaster At Arms has become more muscular.

League of Legends Jax New Splasharts


Angler Jax


Mighty Jax

Nemesis Jax


Temple Jax

Vandal Jax

Interestingly, this Jax ASU also introduces some changes to his fishing mini-game which enables him to get 1 gold and 1 AP for 5 seconds after successfully getting a fish. On the other hand, Prestige fish will give him 10 gold and 10 AP for 5 seconds.

While it looks fun, be sure not to do it during any matchmade game, so as to not ruin the experience for everyone.

It is also heartwarming news that Riot Games didn't forget a particular voiceline that deeply resonated with the majority of players. Jaximus skin was given a "Here's to you kid!" in order to commemorate a young boy named Joe whose favorite skin is Jaximus and was battling Erwing's Sarcoma at that time. With Jax's ASU, Riot decided to retain the voiceline and even added it to his default skin.

"Bravest Hero I ever knew was just a kid. Here's to you champ."

Jax's Art and Sustainability Update will arrive in League of Legends in the upcoming patch; LoL Patch 13.20, on October 11, 2023.

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