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Riot Games Shuts Down Valorant’s Night Market Over Unusual Issues

Valorant's Night Market has been temporarily disabled.

Riot Games, the developers behind VALORANT, has temporarily disabled its Night Market feature after receiving numerous complaints from players. The Night Market is a bi-monthly store that offers players a random selection of discounted skins for their weapons.

However, many players reported having problems with the Night Market, such as getting duplicate skins, not getting any skins at all, and a bunch of other weird problems.

Riot Games announced on Twitter that they were aware of the issues and decided to turn off the Night Market until they could fix them. They did not provide any details on what caused the issues or when they would be resolved.

They also did not say if the players who bought skins from the Night Market would get a refund or compensation. On top of that, many players are asking for a reset. However, it is also unclear whether the Night Market shop will reset its offers when it comes back to the game.

The Night Market was introduced in December 2020 and has been well-received by players who enjoy getting new skins at lower prices. However, some players have also criticized the Night Market for being too random and unfair. Some players have suggested that Riot Games should allow players to refresh their Night Market offers or choose which weapons they want skins for.

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3 months ago

I hope they reset it just so i get better skins. my night market is so bad!


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