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Quinfall - An Upcoming Sandbox MMORPG

New Details Revealed

Announced just over a year ago, Quinfall is an upcoming Sandbox MMORPG, in-development by Turkish game studio, Vawraek Technology. This week, the developers held an AMA on the game’s Discord server where members were able to ask some of their burning questions.


It is a common misconception that Quinfall has claimed to be releasing in 2023. This is an easy mistake to make, since their Release Date on Steam does say “2023”, however, this date only appears to be referring to the game’s Closed Beta date. It was confirmed that this Closed Beta will not carry over to any additional Betas that the game may have in the future. All progress will be wiped.

Quinfall's release date on Steam may be referring to its planned Closed Beta

As stated in the game’s previous Gameplay Showcase, that the world map of Quinfall will be 2016 kmsq, which would make the map bigger than World of Warcraft Classic, Black Desert Online, and ArcheAge. Combined.

The 2016kmsq map of Quinfall

There will also not be separate PvP or PvE servers. Instead, players will be able to change the “channel”, or shard, that they’re on within their realm, which will determine their PvP-eligiblity. If a player decides to join a PvP channel, they will be rewarded with additional experience points, better item drops, and crafting ingredients. However, players who die during PvP will also lose some experience on death.

Similar to New World, and the recently announced Pax Dei, Quinfall will not feature a traditional  class system. Instead, players will decide their playstyle based on the types of weapons that they choose to wield. The confirmed weapon types so far include Sword & Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Spear, Bow, Staff, Axe, Crossbow, and Dagger.

Quinfall will feature classless action combat

Players will be able to join forces to create guilds, and these guilds will be able to own a guild island, if certain conditions are met. Once a guild establishes a guild island, they will be able to build up its infrastructure to defend their ports and warehouses from enemy-player aggression. Similar to New World, guilds will be able to fight over and claim certain castles or cities throughout the world. Ownership of cities will provide the benefit of obtaining certain powers within the city. In these cities, players will be able to own their own taverns & markets, sell goods & services, and defend their territory from other guild sieges. Guilds will also have access to additional questlines, events, guild vs. guild combat, and player power advantages associated with the guild. Guild members will also be able to interact with an upgradeable Guardian, that will aid guilds who are engaged in territory sieges.

Similar to Pax Dei and the upcoming Throne and Liberty, Quinfall will also feature open-world dungeons, where players will be able to enter and join non-instanced content. Some of these dungeons will require that players solve certain puzzles before they become accessible.

While the initial Closed Beta will be free for a select number of players, Quinfall’s subsequent Betas will only be available for players who pre-purchase the game. It appears that Quinfall will be a buy-to-play game, with no subscription fee. However, they said that it’s too early to confirm any additional details about their future monetization policy.

As part of the naval content of Quinfall, players will be able to build their own ships, recruit player crewmembers, engage in open sea warfare, battle giant sea monsters, and explore islands & underwater areas.

Players will be able to explore the open oceans and fight against giant sea monsters

Vawraek Technology claims that their previous MMORPG, Kayra Online, was able to fit 12,000 players on one server, and they plan on increasing this number for Quinfall. As a comparison, New World servers only hold about 2,500 concurrent players, while World of Warcraft Classic maxes out at around 10,000 players per server.

Quinfall is being developed in Unity for PC, and is expected to enter Closed Beta sometime in 2023.


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