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Lightning McQueen Comes to Rocket League

Ever wanted to be Lightning McQueen? Nows your chance!

Equip the Disney and Pixar’s Lightning McQueen Car, and you’ll be able to live out a Rocket League dream. There is a Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle up for grabs that also includes three Decals and Ka-chow Goal Explosion.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle will be available starting November 7.

The Lightning McQueen Car is the very first in the game to feature dynamic expressions. Aside from the default eye animations, as you reach supersonic speed he will narrow his eyes to show focus and determination.

Enjoy every goal you score with the brand new Ka-chow Goal Explosion. You can also feel free to listen to a timeless classic “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts. Im sure you will get your nostalgia pumping.

The new Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle will set you back 2500 Credits. But you might be wondering what the Mega Bundle includes at that price?

We got you covered!

  • Lightning McQueen Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Rust-eze Decal
  • Dinoco Decal
  • Cruisin' Decal
  • Lightyear Racing Wheels
  • Lightyear Dinoco Wheels
  • Lightyear Whitewall Wheels
  • Ka-chow Goal Explosion
  • Lightning McQueen Player Banner
  • "Life Is A Highway" Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts

If you are a huge fan of Cars, this is a bundle you cannot miss out on!

The Lightning McQueen Car can be customized with some Toppers, Boosts, Trails, and Goal Explosions, but not Antennas. The Lightning McQueen Car cannot be customized with Decals besides the decals within the Mega Bundle.

Be sure to grab this amazing bundle from the 7th of November! If you are curious about more details, please visit the official Rocket League news page!


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