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Everything You Need To Know About Halo: Infinite's FIREWALL Event Launch

You have another opportunity at the CHIMERA armor!

May 23 - 30 marks the highly anticipated return of the FIREWALL event, presenting an exciting opportunity for gamers to enhance their Executor's CHIMERA armor with exclusive customization rewards. This penultimate week of the event offers a range of limited-time items for players to acquire.

Unlike previous events, there won't be an event-specific playlist for FIREWALL. Instead, participants need to complete FIREWALL-themed Event Challenges to progress through the Event Pass, unlocking various rewards along the way. While the absence of a dedicated playlist might be unconventional, players are encouraged to explore the Combat Workshop playlist, which showcases work-in-progress maps, modes, and more. To provide valuable feedback on these experiences, keep an eye on the in-game message of the day for survey opportunities. Additionally, the popular BTB Heavies playlist will be available for another week, making it an ideal time to jump in and enjoy some action-packed gameplay.

Make sure to complete your 20-tier Event Pass free of charge and secure your code for the Season 3 Halo Gear Reward: the FIREWALL Logo Pin. As Fracture: FIREWALL makes its comeback, it brings along the next installment of the Story Shard series, titled Precipice.

Image via Halo Waypoint

In Part 1 of the series, players delved into the aftermath of Cortana's ultimate sacrifice at Zeta Halo, witnessing the rise of High Auxiliary Sloan as they attempt to rebuild and shape a new future embodied by the Executor.

Part 2 took participants on a simulation at Carinae Station, testing their combat skills against a formidable Spartan while retrieving a vital asset—an invaluable Forerunner durance device containing the preserved memories of Spartan Edward Davis.

Now, in Part 3, Sloan stumbles upon a startling revelation. The Created are not the first coalition of artificial intelligences; there existed another group. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize the future of infolife. As Fracture: FIREWALL unfolds, the Ultimate Reward and Shop will showcase additional customization options inspired by the event.

The Ultimate Reward for this week's challenges is the Redline Interrupt coating for the CHIMERA armor, characterized by eye-catching stripes serving as a warning to adversaries. Completing all the challenges will grant players exclusive access to this striking customization option.

Furthermore, the Flenser bundle takes center stage, targeting vulnerable AI datacores and extracting valuable cortical structures to enhance the next generation of cybernetic beings. The bundle includes a range of intriguing items such as the Flenser helmet, Ghostlink Adaptation helmet attachment, Heirodyne Augmentor shoulders, Compliance Protocol chest attachment, Crysknife Utility hip attachment, Brink Plugin wrist attachment, Redundant Spiral armor coating, and Tracelines visor.

If you're interested in the stats and leaderboard information for Halo Infinite, then check out our official tracker page for the game!

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