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First Look at First-person Mode in Fortnite

This Would Feel Like a Whole New Game!

New gameplay footage shows how Fortnite’s upcoming first-person mode may look.

Tuesday’s v23.30 update included a new Dragon Ball collab, Mythic Tactical Pistol, and another batch of Reality Augments. But as is so often the case, the patch also seems to have introduced a few bugs.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, one of these glitches has given us a preview of what First-Mode will look like when it eventually arrives in Fortnite.

Check out the video below, courtesy of @TwIInXD:

Commenting on the clip, popular leaker @ShiinaBR said, “What you see in this video is obviously a bug, but the final product probably won't look much different”.

When running along, the camera angle is clearly bugged, and the character model blocks most of the screen. However, when aiming in, you see a proper first-person perspective.

In this second video, @TwIInXD showcases the iron sights on different weapons like the SMG and Burst-Assault Rifle. Again, it’s not perfect, but gives you an idea of what Epic is working on.

Fortnite first-person mode has been rumored since Chapter 2, with related game files regularly being added and removed. Leakers are pretty confident that it’s coming, the question is when?

Many fans expected it to arrive alongside the Chapter 4 launch, while others think it will be part of a new season update. Shiina’s Tweet mentioned it coming to the game “later this year”.

It’s not yet clear whether first-person will be a separate game mode, LTM, or become part of the normal Fortnite playlists. One theory is that Zero Build will become first-person, and Battle Royale will remain the same.


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