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Diablo IV Endgame Content

The team releases the latest video of their 'Inside the Game' series

Earlier this week, the Diablo IV team released another video in the series that they call ‘Inside the Game’. This series will continue to give players sneak peeks at the various pieces of content, leading up to Diablo IV’s official release in June. While the first video in this series revolved around the World of Sanctuary, the newest video delves into the different aspects of end-game content that players will encounter.

Diablo IV - Into the Endgame

Endgame Power Progression

After completing the Main Quest, players will gain access to a Capstone Dungeon. Once this Capstone Dungeon has been completed, players will be able to progress onto the next World Tier difficulty. While increasing a World Tier in Diablo IV will give players experience boosts and greater access to higher-quality items, higher World Tiers also increase the difficulty of the enemies & challenges within the world of Diablo IV.

Higher World Tiers will be unlocked by completing Capstone Challenges

As a character is leveling up, they will receive Points that they can Assign to different Abilities and Passives within their Skill Tree. Once a character reaches level 50, they will unlock access to also distribute Paragon Points into a Paragon Board. This will let players further customize their characters by allowing them to increase individual stats and affixes by selecting specific nodes on the Paragon Board. While players will begin selecting nodes on one side of the Paragon Board, they will need to fill out a path that will lead to Legendary Nodes, which will substantially increase a character’s power level.

Players will use Paragon Points to unlock Nodes that will increase their character's power

Similarly, Legendary Aspects in Diablo IV will also increase player power, as these Aspects can be imbued onto items in order to transform them into build-defining Legendary items. Most of these Legendary Aspects will be learned by completing specific content, such as Side Dungeons. While the majority of these Apsects will be available in the Codex of Power to reuse at any time, many other Legendary Aspects will only be available if a player gets lucky and finds the Aspect on a Legendary item drop. In order to use these Aspects, players can visit the Occultist in any major city to Extract a Legendary Aspect from an item, or Imprint an Aspect either from the player’s inventory or the Codex of Power to imbue items with these Legendary powers.

Aspects can be Imprinted onto items to change their Legendary powers

Endgame Content

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare dungeons will become available to players in World Tier 3 after a player has completed the Campaign and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Nightmare Dungeons will be higher-difficulty versions of Dungeons that players will experience during their leveling. Once a player activates World Tier 3, they will have a chance of receiving a Nightmare Sigil from completing content. This Nightmare Sigil will act as a key to activate and enter a specific Nightmare Dungeon. In addition to being higher difficulty, Nightmare Dungeons will have additional objectives and affixes that will compound the difficulty of the experience and provide replayability for each dungeon. An example of a Nightmare Dungeon affix would be a Hellgate. When a Nightmare Dungeon has the Hellgate affix, portals will begin to open all throughout the dungeon, spawning different mob types that are not normally seen within that dungeon. Since there are over 120 Dungeons to find and explore within Diablo IV, the development team hopes that these semi-procedurally generated Dungeons will give players an abundant amount of content to enjoy.

Hellgates can spawn within Nightmare Dungeons, increasing mob density and diversity

While Nightmare Dungeons may be the premiere instanced content in Diablo IV, there will also be plenty of open-world content as well.

Helltide Events

One of these open-world pieces of content is called Helltide Events. During a Helltide Event, powerful enemies will spawn in a certain area, and defeating these enemies and completing objectives within the Helltide area will allow players to gain special shards, which players can use to unlock chests that are sprinkled throughout the Helltide area.

Whispers of the Dead

The Whispers of the Dead objectives can be obtained through interacting with the Tree of Whispers. The Tree of Whispers will task players with bounties to collect items or kill enemies and bring these offerings back to the Tree of Whispers to receive special rewards, such as a choice of a collection of items.

Completing an objective for the Tree of Whispers grants the player a choice between collections of different pieces of gear

Fields of Hatred

In Diablo IV, the Fields of Hatred will be the premiere PvP experience within the open world of Sanctuary. Killing players or completing objectives within these Fields of Hatred will allow the player to collect shards, but in order to leave the Fields of Hatred, players must first purify these shards. Activating a shard purifier within the Fields of Hatred will signal to other players that an event has begun, allowing them to approach your purifier in hopes of stealing the shards. Once a player has successfully purified their shards, they can leave the Fields of Hatred and spend the shards on unique cosmetic items.

In order to secure the rewards from the Fields of Hatred, players will first need to purify their shards

All of this content will be available for the base version of Diablo IV, and this list does not include any additional Seasonal content that will become available every 3-4 months.

The next video in this ‘Inside the Game’ series will focus on Class Customization and will be released later this month. Additionally, the team will publish another blog post in mid-April detailing their plan for how they will implement player feedback into improving the game over time. Finally, the next Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream has been announced for April 20th at 11 a.m. PDT, where developers will go into further detail about the game’s plethora of endgame systems.

The Diablo IV Early Access will be available on June 1st, 2023 at 4 pm PST and Diablo IV will officially launch on June 5th at 4 pm PST.

If you’d like to read the official blog post you can do so here.


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