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Destiny 2 Season 21 Exotic Armor Changes: Dev Team Reveals Tuning Preview

Which armor pieces are you looking forward to them changing?

Destiny 2 players can expect changes to exotic armor in the game's upcoming Season 21. In a post by the Destiny dev team, Bungie revealed that they will roll out the first wave of changes in exotic armor. The idea behind this overhaul is to rebalance and reimagine underused pieces while toning down some of the pieces that are far too powerful. The developers delayed these changes due to the complete overhaul of the armor mod system and the introduction of an entirely new damage type in Lightfall.

What Exotic Armor Changes Are Coming to Hunters In Destiny 2 Season 21?

For Hunters, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, and Radiant Dance Machines were given extensions in their original abilities. ST0MP-EE5 was revamped to only grant increased speed, slide distance, and improved jumping while the dodge energy is full. Meanwhile, Atryh's Embrace and Raiju's Harness have been given additional strength and blinding explosions respectively.

The Mask of Bakris has been changed to use a tier-4 non-stacking weapon damage bonus that behaves similarly to the non-stacking damage bonuses provided by Surge mods. The developers also removed its stacking ability with Surge leg armor mods, but it now provides a larger bonus than can be achieved with three of these mods equipped.

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What Exotic Armor Changes Are Coming to Titans In Destiny 2 Season 21?

For Titans, Point-Contact Cannon Brace and Stronghold were given changes to their blocking mechanics. The former now jolts targets with lightning strikes and increased PvE damage per lightning bolt from 50 to 200. The latter now offers significant damage reduction (50% in PvE, 10% in PvP) while blocking with a sword.

Shield throw melee now weakens enemies, and stunning a Barrier Champion with your shield throw melee grants a single full melee charge. No Backup Plans has also undergone a complete rework considering that now, it provides a moderate benefit to the airborne effectiveness and reload speed of Shotguns, while shotguns deal additional damage and shotgun final blows refresh the overshield when you have a Void subclass.

What Exotic Armor Changes Are Coming to Warlocks In Destiny 2 Season 21?

The changes being implemented to Warlocks includes changes to the performance of the following Exotic armors: Warlock Vesper of Radius, Chromatic Fire, Dawn Chorus, Sanguine Alchemy, Claws of Ahamkara, Mantle of Battle Harmony, Ophidian Aspect, Promethium Spur, and Starfire Protocol.

The changes range from increased damage and radius of certain abilities to adjustments in energy gained from damage dealt and modifications to melee range. The goal of these changes is to balance gameplay, reduce dominance in single-target damage, and improve neutral play.

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