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Best Agents to Play on Lotus

Make Lotus your playground!

Lotus is one of the recent additions to VALORANT map pool. It has unique features, including a rotating door and other gimmicks, as well as a different layout than other maps. Lotus can be a difficult map, but with the right agent composition, it should be a piece of cake. Here are the best agents to use on Lotus to guarantee a win.


Harbor was one of the meta picks in Lotus when it came out, and remains one of the safe picks for this map. His abilities allow him to block off large areas of the map with smokes, blocking line of sight and providing enough cover for the team to go in and secure the plant or the defuse. High Tide can be used to wall off multiple angles when entering a site (or retaking a site), Cascade can also do that. Cove is so unique, it could be the difference maker in a round since it provides enough cover for Harbor or one of the allies to plant or defuse. And his ultimate can be just the one to make sure a site is free to take.  


You could never go wrong with Killjoy in any map. This Sentinel has been a meta pick since her release and will continue until Riot nerfs her to the ground. She is great at holding down sites and making sure no one is pulling a flank on the team. Her ultimate in particular can secure an entire site for the team, making her one of the most broken agents in the game.


Whats a team without proper recon agent. Fade can provide enough intel on the enemies to make the right call during rounds. She can clear out angles that enemies can abuse with a shotgun, and in addition, she can also reveal an entire site with proper lineups. Her ultimate can confirm how many players there are in the site ulted.


An unorthodox pick for Lotus, but Skye can provide long-range flashes for the team to win fights and take sites in comfort. In addition, she has a heal for allies, and has a trailblazer to clear angles. Combined with Fade, the locations of enemies will be known at all time.


Just like Killjoy, you could never go wrong with Jett on the duelist. She has veristile abilities that allow her to make entries and dip if things get too dangerous. Combined with the intel from Fade, the cover from Harbor, the flashes from Skye, a good Jett can be the last piece to make Lotus your playground.

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