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'Bellatores' Delayed Until 2024

New Information Revealed About the Upcoming Medieval Fantasy MMORPG

Bellatores is an upcoming Open World Sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy realm and is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. After the game's official reveal a year ago, Bellatores was initially expected to release in 2022, but due to the team's decision to migrate to Unreal Engine 5, the game has now been delayed until the second half of 2024. Although many MMO enthusiasts may be disappointed by this news, the development team has been releasing new information related to this upcoming MMORPG over the past few weeks.

While the focus of Bellatores will primarily be on large-scale PvP battles in order to claim territory, the game will also feature MMO staples such as Crafting, Gathering, and a player-driven economy. Bellatores will feature faction-based PvP, with five possible Houses to choose from during character creation. Based on some recent in-game screenshots that were shared via the game's Official website, there seems to be an in-depth political system in which players will be able to elect officials and vote on certain policies. It looks like these faction Houses will rent out certain zones to Guilds in order for the guild members to claim temporary ownership over these areas, perhaps for the purpose of resource gathering or content progression.

It appears that players will be able to vote on policies and that guilds will be able to rent land

It was also recently revealed that the game's primary PvE Content will revolve around the appearance of giant monsters that players will be able to encounter in the open world. When one of these monsters spawns into the world, it will create natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and destroy villages and kingdom walls. Once players defeat this large-scale group boss, the world will return back to normal. However, it appears that several of these monsters can show up at any time to wreak further havoc on the world.

Open-World Raid Bosses will periodically alter the world of Bellatores

In contrast to many modern MMOs, characters in Bellatores will not have classes or levels. Instead, players are free to use any weapons, armor, skills, or abilities that they desire, in order to customize their combat experience. It appears that Proficiency in these combat methods will level up the more that a player uses certain weapons or abilities. Similarly, Professions appear to increase in Mastery Level as a player decides to manufacture certain items.

Players will be able to level up certain abilities in order to customize their character's play style

Originally announced as ‘Project N-1’, Bellatores has been in development since mid-2017. Bellatores is currently being developed exclusively for PC in Unreal Engine 5 and is expected to release in the second half of 2024. While the developers are primarily focused on releasing the game on PC, they have also suggested that there are plans to eventually bring the game to consoles as well.

If you'd like to continue to follow the development of Bellatores, the studio recently launched its Official Website.


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