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All You Need to Know About VALORANT New Weapon Outlaw

All the details about the brand new weapon in VALORANT Outlaw

Since its release, VALORANT had rumors floating around that the game will feature new guns at some point, and the rumors are becoming true. VALORANT is receiving the first new weapon to its arsenal. The new gun is named Outlaw, a sniper-rifle that's meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Operator whenever there's no cash to purchase the Operator. Here's all we know about Outlaw so far.

Outlaw Preview

via @ValorLeaks

Outlaw is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a two-slug magazine, and a total of twelve slugs. The Outlaw bullets can be fired in quick succession, making it one of the fastest-rate weapons in the game. The gun also features a scope, like the Marshal and the Operator.

Outlaw Price

While the Marshal costs 950 Credits and the Operator costs 4,700 Credits. The Outlaw brings in a balance to the mix, costing 2,400 Credits. Making it one of the cheapest guns in the game, while also being one of the deadliest.

Outlaw Damage

Outlaw Damage is extreme, given the weapon is a sniper rifle.

Damage to the Head: 238

Damage to the body: 140

Damage to the Legs: 119

Outlaw Skins

When the Outlaw is released, players will be able to purchase Throwback Pack: Outlaw bundle from the store, which will feature Ego and Prism skins for the Outlaw.

The bundle will cost 2,230 VP.

Outlaw Release Date

The Outlaw will be released with the launch of Episode 8 on Jan. 9.

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