Buddies for Valorant

2021 VCT Masters Winner Buddy
Ancient Inheritance Buddy
Ancient Mysteries Revealed Buddy
Artisan Buddy
Ascent Rising Buddy
Battle Crab Buddy
Bear Tactics Buddy
Blast Pin Buddy
BlastX Buddy
Boba Buddy
Bot Buddy
Bruno Coin Buddy
Bullet Buddy
Caught Buddy
Celestial Buddy
Cheesed Buddy
Chilly McFreeze Buddy
Closed Beta Coin Buddy
Crate Buddy
Cup o' Crown Buddy
Dallah Buddy
Dan the Penguin Buddy
Danger Lizard Buddy
Deadly Precision Buddy
Dimensional Fragment Buddy
Discotech Buddy
Dog Tags Buddy
Donut Buddy
Ego Buddy
Elderflame Buddy
EP 1 // 1 Coin Buddy
EP 1 // 2 Coin Buddy
EP 1 // 3 Coin Buddy
EP 2 // 1 Coin Buddy
EP 2 // 2 Coin Buddy
EP 2 // 3 Coin Buddy
EP 3 // 1 Coin Buddy
Ep 3 // 2 Coin Buddy
EP1: Bronze Buddy
EP1: Diamond Buddy
EP1: Gold Buddy
EP1: Immortal Buddy
EP1: Iron Buddy
EP1: Platinum Buddy
EP1: Radiant Buddy
EP1: Silver Buddy
EP2: Bronze Buddy
EP2: Diamond Buddy
EP2: Gold Buddy
EP2: Immortal Buddy
EP2: Iron Buddy
EP2: Platinum Buddy
EP2: Radiant Buddy
EP2: Silver Buddy
Epilogue: Bruno Coin Buddy
Epilogue: Discotech Buddy
Epilogue: Salt Shaker Buddy
Fist Bump Buddy
Follow Me Buddy
Forsaken Buddy
Froggie Hat Buddy
Gelato Cutie Buddy
Get Carried Buddy
Give Back Buddy
GL Have Cat Buddy
Glitchpop Buddy
Glitchpop, EP 2 Buddy
Good Boy, Bruno Buddy
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Buddy
Grim Delight Buddy
Hammer Time Buddy
Hawko Buddy
High Top Heat Buddy
Hot Bling Buddy
Hot Take Buddy
Icy Crate Buddy
Immortal Rose Buddy
In A Bind Buddy
Ion Buddy
Island Dreams Buddy
Jack O' Lantern Buddy
K/TAC Buddy
Keep it Safe Buddy
Kingdom Logo Buddy
KNG Meridian Buddy
Late Night Calories Buddy
Lovebyte Gun Buddy
Lucky Dice Buddy
Lucky Rabbit Buddy
Lunar Firework Buddy
Magepunk Buddy
Mango Tango Buddy
Memory Chip Buddy
Mic Drop Buddy
Netter Treter Buddy
Nice Smile Buddy
No. 1 Fan Buddy
Old Salt Buddy
One Direction Buddy
Oni Buddy
Origin Buddy
Owl Charm Buddy
Pay Respects Buddy
Pizza Buddy
Pocket Knife Buddy
POLYfox Buddy
Potato Aim Buddy
Prime Buddy
Prime//2.0 Buddy
Radianite Crate Buddy
Radianite Crystal Buddy
Radianite Orb Buddy
Reaver Buddy
Red Alert Buddy
Root Beer Buddy
Rubber Ducky Buddy
Ruin Watcher Buddy
Ruination Buddy
Safe Haven Buddy
Salmon Nigiri Buddy
Salt Shaker Buddy
Sample 36-K Buddy
Scuttle Trash Buddy
Sentinels of Light Buddy
Singularity Buddy
Snowbro Buddy
Songsteel Buddy
Soul Capsule Buddy
Sovereign Buddy
Spectrum Buddy
Spike Rush Buddy
Spline Buddy
Split Decision Buddy
Squirrel Tactics Buddy
Stardust Buddy
Take on the Tundra Buddy
Tall Tales Buddy
The Key to Ancient Mysteries Buddy
The Spike Buddy
The Wheel of Steel Buddy
Time's Up Buddy
Toaster Buddy
Tower of Power Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Cypher Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Jett Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Killjoy Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Reyna Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Sage Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Phoenix Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Raze Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Sova Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Viper Buddy
VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 Yoru Buddy
Venom Vial Buddy
VLT/R Buddy
White Hat Buddy
Xpert Comms Buddy
Year One Buddy
Zedd Buddy
Zoomer Pop Buddy
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