How To Beat Octavian And Unlock Dark Silver In V Rising

As you progress towards the end game of PVE Content you will start to find yourself hitting a plateau in terms of your level. Hovering around the 50s and relying on Merciless Recipe drops are your only hope for leveling up without finding the next ore and crafting station. Luckily the boss gatekeeping this ore and station can be taken down quickly with a few tips and tricks we cover here in this guide! For this fight, I do recommend leaning into your spell damage. Octavian likes to be up in your face with his longsword and if you are close to him during most of his attacks you are going to get caught. Because Octavian’s sword is so large it also takes about a good amount of the battlefield when he does swing and a lot of his attacks have very little lead-up time, so range will be key.

Equip any jewelry you have that increases your Spell Critical Hit Chance and craft a few spell damage potions if you have the ability unlocked and the resources. You should only need one for the fight but craft a few just in case you need multiple attempts at Octavian.

For your main weapon, I will also recommend the Reaper. The “E” attack does a fantastic job at melting down Octavian’s health because when he attacks he stays in one spot for quite a while.

If you need a back up weapon the cross bow is also a good choice as it will allow for you to fight from a distance and will give you an extra area of effect damage option. 

The spells you equip are important for this fight and I found that Octavian does get distracted very easily and will target additional units that you summon if you can successfully. That is why I recommend:

Ultimate - Spectral Guardian

This attack is huge at giving you a period of immunity for when Octavian starts doing his spinning top move as well as giving you an option to save yourself if you get backed into a wall. This fight is mostly out in the open and so to avoid getting pinched in a corner use this ultimate to fight your way out safely and give Octavian someone else to target for a few seconds.

Ward Of The Damned

This is another ability that I found very helpful against Octavian purely for the fact that the skeletons are easy to be summoned if you absorb any attack from Octavian.

The only attack that can not be blocked by this attack is the single saw that cuts up directly through the floor.

Every skeleton you summon will begin attacking Octavian and will also give a distraction to take the heat off of you during the battle.

Spectral Assassin

Just like the last two Spectral Assassin is used to summon an assassin that deals 125% Magic Damage in one big swing. Spectral Assassin also weakens Octavian for 5s which will help you to stay alive against some of the devastating attacks he has.

Because this fight relies so heavily on your magic damage, I recommend finding a good Scholar blood type to bring to the fight to boost up your damage output. However, because Scholar blood types may be hard to find in this area you can also bring a Brute blood type to the fight and benefit from some life leech and increased power. 

For the strategy for the fight, summon everything you can on Octavian and cast your weapon abilities on him before he has a chance to strike back.

From here start dodging his attacks and absorb as many as you can with the Ward to summon skeletons.

As Octavian targets your units go in for quick hits with the Reaper but be careful to immediately get out as he will start to target you with his blades.

Keep an eye on your cooldown on the Ward this will be your bread in butter to getting in quickly for damage and having a safe retreat option.

Octavian will eventually start to summon flame archers one at a time. These guys have to go quickly as they will light you and your units on fire, quickly taking them out of the fight.

When Octavian gets enraged he will start spinning around the map like a top. Use the ward to absorb this damage and create a handful of Skeletons. Don’t stick around too long though or you will find yourself shredded up very quickly.

As long as you keep your distance from Octavian he is a very easy boss to fight even if you are a few levels under. Just remember to always keep extra units on the field the best you can.

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