How To Get Whetstone In V Rising

Whetstone is an incredibly vital resource you will need when you reach the mid way point of leveling in V Rising. While the game does a great job telling you how much of this resource you need, it isn’t super clear exactly how to get it.

Luckily getting enough Whetstone won’t take you too long as you follow this guide to get what you need.

There are two ways to get Whetstone in V Rising:

Looting Bandit Camps and Strongholds

Crafting Your Own Whetstones

Most Bandit Camps to the central North of Farbane Woods drop Whetstones when you smash crates and loot chests. While they also have a small chance to come from enemies, I recommend demolishing everything you can and don’t forget to check shelves and cupboards if you see any.

After visiting a location you can use the map to look at see what loot is likely to drop for you in the given area. Use this to your advantage as you find your preferred Bandit Encampment. Mine is the one pictured above as it has so many crates and barrels to destroy.

The most surefire and rng-proof way to get Whetstones in V Rising is to craft them with the recipe you get from Grayson The Armourer.

After you defeat Grayson you will be able to take 1x Copper Ingot and 9x Stone Dust to the Furnance and exchange them for 1x Whetstone.

If you are low on either of these materials simply go farm copper and break stone nodes that you find along the way. When you turn stone into Stone Bricks in the Grinder they will produce the stone dust you need for the Whetstone Recipe.

Take your newly made Whetstones and enjoy creating that new gear! 

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Written by Suttledge


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