V Rising: 5 Tips to Get you out of Copper and into Iron!

We all get there. You’ve got your copper weapon, your Nightstalker armor set, and you’ve got five bosses between you and the next tier of gear recipe unlocks. How do you get over this first hump in the early game? Here are a few tips and tricks that will help.

At this stage in the game, you begin to have some real gear and power choices to make. Which weapon do you want to use? Which powers? Which accessory do you equip? What about blood type? All of these choices begin to matter and define your playstyle going forward. Do not worry, none of these choices are permanent and you can change your style on the fly to assist with the upcoming challenges you are facing. Polora, for example, can be difficult to fight with melee weapons because of her fear ability, a ranged build may benefit you in that fight.Let’s be honest, some fights in this game are easier than others. Some fights have mechanics and strats that can really help you win the fight easier. Other fights are pure slugfests where it becomes a race of attrition between health pools. Don’t be afraid to skip some of the boss fights at this stage in the game. The Ferocious Bear is quite ferocious and doesn’t yield any major equipment unlocks. You can skip that fight for now. Quincy the Bandit King however is a much easier fight, despite the higher level, and he will unlock you Iron and Hallowfang gear.

Vampire life can be solitary, you work nights, most everyone attacks you on sight, and most people think you’re a real drain on the lifeblood of the region. Prove them mostly wrong by working with friends. Afterall, many hands make light work. You and your vampire crew can work together to take on some of the tougher bosses. Be warned that the fights do scale slightly when working with a group. Still friends can help you tank a bosses’ hits and deliver that critical DPS to finish the fight quickly.

Not only can you work together to defeat bosses, but being a part of a clan has other perks in that you can share resources and research. By interacting with your friends’ research bench, or by having them interact with yours, you can share recipes unlocked by the other player. This is handy for collecting all of the pieces for my next tip….

There is a tier of gear between copper and Iron. Merciless. Unfortunately you have to research each individual piece of the Merciless weapons and armor set. No boss fight unlock for you. You can find recipe books in chests located in the various bandit camps scattered throughout the Farbane Woods. These upgrades to your copper weapons and nightstalker gear will give you a nice power boost to continue your quest in Vampire domination. Work with friends to help you unlock the whole set quicker by sharing research.  By now you’ve unlocked quite a bit in the way of castle construction. Why not enjoy it? Upgrade your vampy pad with the latest in gargoyle head statues. While you are hunting for the research books for your Merciless gear you’ll no doubt pick up quite a few cosmetic items you can place around your castle. Spruce it up, get fancy with it, what’s the point of being immortal if all you’re going to do is have a drab castle in the forest. This may also be time to think about rebuilding your castle elsewhere. Since you’ve come this far you’ve likely come across a number of better suited locations for castles with easy access to resources. I recommend building closer to the Dunley Farmlands as you’ll be headed there often once you get over this hump.

Hopefully these tips can help you get past this early hump. Once you unlock Iron recipes you can build your throne and start putting your servants to work for you. This really speeds up resource collection and lets you focus on being the Vampire ruler you know you are! 
Written byLia Nightbreeze


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