Ten Tips Before You Start V Rising

At the time of writing this, V Rising is currently in Early Access and yet this game is already more polished than most AAA games we have seen released in recent years. It is no surprise that the bloodsucking survival game has garnered such an extreme fan base as it brings a fresh take on a genre that has been constantly pulled on in recent years. If you are new to the game and wanting to make the most of your first time starting out, take a look at our guide below as we put in ten tips and tricks you should know before you start out in V Rising. It should be no surprise that in a game built around being a vampire, the blood you drink is important. However it is not just your primary way to stay alive, each blood type has its benefits and purpose.

Above each living character in V Rising, you will see a blood type and a percentage below their name. The type will be like Creature, Brute, Scholar, Rogue, etc. Each of these types has its own benefits and features. For example, sucking a Creature blood type will grant you benefits to your movement speed and sun resistance while a Brute blood type will grant you Life Steal and increased power.

The percentage matters to the blood as well. The higher blood quality you feed on the better the benefits and perks you receive will be. Each blood type has five levels to aspire to get and as you feed and learn each one you will see what perks you like having the most.

Note, You can not stack blood so if you feed on a Creature 6% and then a Creature 4% you will not get a Creature 10% boost. You will always get the rating of your last feed. Also if you feed on any rats or hearts to increase your blood pool you will immediately lose any boost you received from your last feed.

Just like most games in the survival genre, resources are crucial to your success in the game. However, in V Rising I can not stress enough how much stuff you truly need. Things are expensive to craft especially for your castle so if you are out and see a Copper node it would certainly be in your best interest to stop and grab it.

There are specific locations on the map where you can always guarantee you will find certain resources. For example, there is an Iron Mine that is filled with Iron Nodes and Cotton Farms that have fields of cotton. But during your general roaming activities, you should always grab as much as you can.

My biggest fear in V Rising when I first started was the sun. I avoided it like it was Garlic Bread and stayed inside as much as possible. However, it is worth knowing that the Sun doesn't just turn you into a puddle the second you step out in it. When you are out during the daytime you will see your character start to ignite and you’ll hear a burning noise effect in the game. This is your countdown to find a shadow.

Most objects in-game cast shadows you can move through during the daytime but be aware that as the time moves the sun’s position changes so you will need to constantly be moving if you plan on being out during the daytime. Most places have good coverage but my best advice would be to avoid the long bridges.

Location Matters in V Rising more than I thought when I first started. The map is truly massive and unique with crucial places spread far across the region. My first instinct was to set up my Castle at the first location I found out of the tutorial area. I immediately regretted it.

You want a location that is near different hot spots on the map such as Mines, Militia Camps, and Grave Sites. These locations make it easy to get resources fast and if you live nearby, you will not need to travel far to dump stuff off. My best advice would be to go somewhere central between east and west to start out so you are close to almost everything you need to get started.

V Rising takes advantage of the lore of Vampires shapeshifting very well but the movement of the animals you transform into does leave a little to be desired. Luckily the game does have mounts once you travel north towards the Iron Mines. Here inside camps and villages, you will find mountable horses you can ride and kind of keep in your Castle (they despawn after a while).

The horses move incredibly fast and hitting the “spacebar” lets you push them even faster. Be aware though that the horses do have a “Yoshi” mechanic so if you take damage you will be knocked off and the horse will run away.

Oh and pro tip, you can teleport with them with Wayshrines. 

Remember how I said take everything? Well, now you need to do stuff with it. V Rising requires a lot of resources and a lot of them need refining. It starts off with you needing Stone but soon after you'll need to refine Iron, Copper, Sulfur, and more.

The more Refining stations you have the better off you will be in the long run. For example, Cotton takes a little over a minute to refine. Most armor pieces you need will take about 8 parts of refined Cotton “Cotton Yarn”. That means you are looking at almost 10 minutes to make one piece of armor.

Take the extra resources you have early on and make multiple furnaces, stone grinders, and sawmills. You will thank me later.

A lot of V Rising is spent in combat where you inevitably will take damage. When you heal / blood mend your blood pool will be constantly draining and what may seem like a full 10 Liters quickly turns into empty. Once your blood pool is empty you take damage very quickly.

It is critical that you keep extra rats or hearts on you for emergency purpose situations. Especially when you are in big fights with waves of enemies the chances for you to feed are very low before your next fight is forced on you. Always come prepared with an extra snack. 

I have terrible luck in every game I play and if you are like me, this will be your favorite feature of V Rising. Clan members can share learned Recipes and progress in-game. You must be in a clan together, and if you are you can go to your clan members' house and learn their recipes they have learned at their Research Bench and Study. This makes it feel a lot better to be only finding curtains and chairs while all your friends are finding new weapon blueprints.

Also when you are in a Clan any V Blood boss you all takedown together gives the earned power and rewards to all that are present for the fight. As long as you land some hits and are nearby when the Boss is killed you will be given the same upgrades as the person who delivered the final blow. You must be in a Clan with the person to get credit, simply being nearby will not cut it.

Caves and Wayshrines are not as straight forward as they seem in V Rising.

Wayshrines allow for you to teleport with only really your gear and that's it, no resources. These are spread out along the map fairly well and as you visit them you will unlock the ability to utilize them. Wayshrines are also cool because you can put them in your castle and travel to your friend’s castle if they have a Wayshrine there as well. But again, the biggest downside is that you can’t take anything really with you.

This is where Caves come in. Caves are fixed on the map and allow for you to take any of your belongings with you. The downside with Caves is they all only go to one spot and you can’t choose where you land. Here is a Map of the Wayshrines and Caves in V Rising

V Blood Bosses in V Rising are truly how you progress forward in the game. Each boss will give you new abilities and crafting stations to make. They are tough and will take you and your team a few tries in most cases but they are absolutely worth the investment.

Try to stay with bosses that are only a couple of levels higher than you. Also note that in some boss fights, the more people that are there the harder the fight will be, this is especially noticeable with any boss that summons additional units to fight, because after all the more the marrier.

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