How to Turn Into a Wolf in V Rising

Well, we are playing vampires in V Rising. Of course, we can travel the land by using a horse or on foot, but why in hell not transform into a wolf if we can?

As written in my "Your First 4 Hours in V Rising" guide, you will be able to build the Blood Altar pretty quickly in your first hour of playing, and the first boss you'll see is the "Alpha Wolf", level 16 boss.

Once tracking his V Blood, follow the red trail. Or mark the following location on the map below. The "Wolf Den", at the somewhat bottom middle part of the "Farbane Woods" region. 

Once you get there, you might not find him right at that spot. However, he is moving around, so explore the surrounding area until you discover it. It's also possible that other players killed it recently, so wait a bit or go there the next night. It spawns pretty quickly.

It's the first boss listed on the Blood Altar, but don't fight it too early. You can still fight it at level 10 if you wish, but make sure at least to upgrade your first spear and your first armor, and make sure you have the Blood Rose Ring too, before going there.

It's a big white wolf. You won't miss it. Also, his name will be colored in yellow.

Depending on how fast you kill it, it will have a chance to summon two normal wolves during the fight at least once. Then, more wolves will be spawned with more party members trying to kill it. 

When the Alpha Wolf is getting closer to you, and you see a red effect while he is attacking, try to stay away and dodge. That attack boost of the Alpha Wolf is pretty powerful, and if you are getting hit by all those attacks, you will be closer to death, and it will become harder to kill it.

When the Alpha Wolf is dead, extract his V Blood, and right away, while holding the left 'Ctrl' key, you will see the "Wolf Form" power. You can now move faster, but you can't attack while being a wolf. Also, other wolves will not attack you when going past them.

Written by RoDeX


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