How To Find And Kill The Putrid Rat In V Rising

One of V Rising’s best unlockable forms comes from a boss that is actually impossible to track, The Putrid Rat. The Putrid Rat is a giant deadly rat that has “useful blood” that allows for you to actually turn into a rat making it harder for enemies to see you.

The key to finding the Putrid Rat lies within your castle as you will be tasked with summoning the Putrid Rat in the Vermin Nest.

If you are looking to slay the Putrid Rat and collect its blood for the Rat Form follow this guide as we take you through all the steps.

If you are already at the point of searching for the Putrid Rat, odds are you have already built a Vermin Nest in your castle.

If you haven’t, what you will need to do is collect 360 raw stones and 180 bones. That is all it will take for this simple Refinement machine. Find an area large enough as it takes up about a tile and a half and place it down.

The Putrid Rat requires you to collect:

1x Twilight Snapper

3x Fish Bones

6x Grave Dust

The Twilight Snapper can be found while fishing or while looting in the Dunley Farmlands.

While you hunt for your Twilight Snapper save all the extra fish as you will need to take them to The Devourer to recycle them into Fish Bones. The Devourer is another refinement machine you will need if you don’t have any fishbones it will only cost 12 Planks and 6 Copper Ingots if you haven’t already made one.

Grave Dust will be the easiest material to collect as it is found fairly easily from looting but is also able to be made by putting bones into the Grinder. If you don’t have a full workshop set up it will take 100 bones to make one Grave Dust.

Once you gather all the materials take them back to the Vermin Nest and watch as the Putrid Rat spawns.

The Putrid Rat is a very easy to defeat enemy that has simple attacks and only spawns a few Giant Rats to help out during the fight.

Because this fight takes place in your castle where your Vermin Nest is, you can kinda control the environment. I made this fight even easier by placing my Vermin Nest next to my servants so when the Putrid Rat Spawned, I had plenty of help taking it down.

Slay the Putrid Rat and you will be rewarded with its blood granting you the Bat Form as well as a pile of about ten rats for you to add to your inventory.

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