How To Unlock All Six Forms in V Rising

As the scourge of the land of Vardoran, you spend a lot of time sneaking around enemy camps and patrols in V Rising. Are you always successful? Absolutely not, often to ridiculous ends, but they’ve added a mechanic to help you out - disguises.


There are six disguises you can acquire in V Rising:

• Wolf

• Rat

• Bear

• Human

• Toad

• Bat

Most of them are pretty straightforward to get. Kill a boss, and get the ability to transform yourself into an innocent little rat. So let’s go!

The first form you can find pretty early on in the game. You have to kill the Alpha Wolf, a level 16 boss, found in the Southeast Farbane Woods. He patrols, so the easiest way to find him is by tracking him from the Blood Altar once you’ve built that in your castle (let’s be honest, it’s probably more of a rough fort at this point).

This fight isn’t too bad, he has a lunge attack to look out for and he summons a duo of wolves throughout the fight. Take him out, drain his blood and now you too can be a cool wolf!

This disguise gives you a 45% movement boost which is great when you’re trying to cross a sun-soaked bridge in the daytime without burning to death. You can also run through packs of wolves without being attacked.

The rat form takes a little bit of work before you can fight the level 30 Putrid Rat Boss. First, you have to build a Vermin Nest in your castle. I suggest you put this in an enclosed room. With doors. Foreshadowing...

Fish up a Twilight Snapper, 4 fish bones (you can get these from fishing or salvaging fish in The Devourer), and 8 grave dust (you can get this from fighting Undying Ghouls and higher level undead in cemeteries or building a Tomb in your castle and summoning Undying Ghouls with it).


Once you have your supplies, dump them in the Vermin Nest and wait for the magic to happen. By magic I mean a massive angry rat will appear and start running all over. This fight takes some time, he attacks quickly and will summon hordes of Giant Rats that you have to deal with. Dispatch them ASAP and finish off the Putrid Rat. Now you can be a little demon rat!

This form allows you to blend in better with your environment. Most enemies will ignore you in this form (I said most, but not all), this makes it great for sneaking through enemy camps and towns. The smaller form also means that you can hide in smaller shadows.

The Ferocious Bear is a level 36 boss in the far east of Farbane Woods. In a bear cave. It’s a little on the nose. This fight is fairly straightforward. He has a few powerful attacks, the first is a ground pound that drops boulders from the ceiling in three widening circles around him, and the drop zone is staggered for each ring. The second is a charge that will send you flying across the cave. Avoid these and try to damage him from a distance, crossbows are really good for this fight.

The bear form allows you to damage massive resources and structures that would normally require an Explosive Box. The downside to this is that you don't get the materials from breaking things that you would normally get from blowing them up. It increases resistance by 25%, speed by 15%, and damage reduction by 25%. You also regain health a little bit faster.

This has been my favorite boss fight so far in the game. To get the human disguise you’re going to travel into the Dunley Farmlands and fight Beatrice the Tailor, a level 38 boss. If you’re as lucky as I was I encountered 3 other bosses while trying to find her! This was not luck. This was awful. They were really mean.

Once you track her, avoid all the guards in town, and maybe take out the bellringer (he’s a little snitch) get a good hit in on her and be ready to run. She’ll take off after the first attack and she’s surprisingly spry for an old woman. If you can herd her out of town and into the woods to avoid guards getting involved. She doesn’t attack, so chase her down and drain her to get the Human Disguise.

The Human form allows you to enter towns and interact with human traders. Priests will be able to see through your disguise though, so steer clear of them when you can. It also speeds up blood consumption making this a short-term disguise.

The toad form you get from the level 62 boss Duke of Balaton. He’s way up in the Swamp of Greed in the Cursed Forest to the North. He has a tongue attack, a melee attack, and an aerial AOE so ranged attacks are your best bet to avoid the worst of the damage. At 50% health, he summons eggs that you should clear before he comes back.

The toad form allows you to leap buildings in a single bound! Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you can jump over fences and walls. Helpful when you’re tired of running around every barrier.

For this one, you’ll find yourself back in the North, roaming the woods in search of another vampire - Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer! Said dramatically...for effect. He’s a level 76 boss that can summon bats, has a teleporting dash attack, and a deadly spin attack. Once through half his health, he’ll start summoning enemies. But! These guys can give you health to keep you in the fight!

The Bat Form allows you to take to the skies and fly over obstacles. Keep an eye on the time of day though, as you can’t get to shade should the sun come up.

There you have it. More disguises than you can shake a stick at. Well, maybe not but they’ll definitely make your gameplay more fun. :)
Written byTwistedPeaches


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