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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

Release Date Announced & New Information Revealed

Originally released in May of 2022, the Vampire-themed Indie Survival game, V Rising, has just released more information regarding its first Expansion - Secrets of Gloomrot.

V Rising - Secrets Of Gloomrot Cinematic Reveal

New Features

This expansion will feature a massive new zone with two new areas for players to explore. While this new zone will be one of the update's key features, the studio has also decided to revamp the entire original world of Vardoran. These zone updates include a new area called Silverlight, an update to the Cursed Forest, and many new Points of Interest in the Dunley Farms area. Secrets of Gloomrot also brings a new weather system to the world of Vardoran. Some of these new weather features include noxious gas clouds within the Cursed Forest and deadly lightning storms within the new zone of Gloomrot. Players will have to take care to avoid these obstacles if they wish to keep their characters "alive". The world of V Rising will seem more active and convenient with the addition of NPC merchants throughout zones, allowing players to be able to buy and sell goods more easily. But buyer beware, not every merchant will take kindly to our character’s Vampiric traits. The final new feature coming to V Rising through this expansion is the ability for players to expand their bases vertically. The developers have truly given players an authentic vampiric experience by allowing them to emerge from their coffins, walk out onto their dreary balconies, and look down upon the world of mortals from a higher perspective. While all of these new updates to the world are great, what about the additions to the actual gameplay?

Secrets of Gloomrot will allow players to expand their bases vertically

New Content

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot will feature 13 new bosses for players to take on, putting the total number of bosses up to 50. These new boss encounters will be spread across the new zone of Gloomrot and some of the revamped zones of the original world of Vardoran. Along with these bosses, the game will also be adding 30 new enemy types. Since the main theme of Secrets of Gloomrot will be about the consequences of unregulated science, expect to see several creatures that are genetically mutated, results of experiments that have gone horribly wrong, and technologically-infused monstrosities. With these new enemies also come new ways of defeating them. V Rising has expanded upon the fields of magic, allowing players to raise the dead to do their bidding, deceive their enemies with illusion magic, or dispose of monsters through the use of elemental lightning magic. But magic isn’t the only new way that players will be able to rid the land of their enemies. Secrets of Gloomrot will also bring new weapon types that players can wield, including the massive Greatsword and the ranged Duel Pistols. Along with these new weapon types also come new Legendary weapons that players will be able to discover and restore as well. With these new instruments of destruction, players will also be able to enhance their spells and abilities with the use of Jewels. Players will be able to Craft these Jewels in order to customize and modify their spells, according to their unique preferences.

Just a few of the 30 new enemy types coming to V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

Quality of Life Improvements

Finally, with this expansion also comes an update to the general UI of V Rising. The developers have also added several traversal and inventory quality-of-life features, including updates to the character’s shape-shifting forms, new mounts, teleporters at player’s bases, and a more efficient flow of the zones in the world. The developers also hope to make players’ lives easier by allowing them to carry more items while out on their adventures. Secrets of Gloomrot will also include additional cosmetic hairstyles for players to choose from and new ambient music for players to enjoy throughout the expansion’s zones.

Secrets of Gloomrot will be V Rising's first of three planned content updates

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot will be available on May 17th, 2023, exactly one year from V Rising’s original Early Access launch. While Secrets of Gloomrot is V Rising’s first expansion, the studio has also announced that they have two additional updates planned for the future of the game. Secrets of Gloomrot will be free to play for all owners of V Rising, and the game is currently on sale for $15.99 on Steam from now until April 15, 2023.

If you'd like to read more about the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion, you can do so by visiting V Rising's Official Website here.


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