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Clear Legend

In-game, change your default legend to the legend you want to add to the site, hit "Force update" when ready.

You can do this by selecting them on the Legends menu, to change or update the stats shown on this page, you have to set the trackers to the stats you want to show. Make sure to have at least the Kills tracker and the Level badge selected.

After changing, make sure you are back on the lobby tab. The Apex Legends API is cached, your stats might not immediate update.

Apex Legends caches data, so if your legend does not appear after this update, wait a minute and try again.

Force update

Warning: This is irreverisble, we will not undo this for you. Proceed with caution. This strategy is used to remove old stats from your legend and start a fresh view. You must do it once for each legend.


  1. Select a legend and make them your default.
  2. Set Care package kills as your primary stat banner.
  3. Remove the 2nd and 3rd stat banners.
  4. Wait a few minutes. Respawn caches data.
  5. Click "Clear Stats" Below.

Be patient. The game caches data, we cache data, lots of cached data. You may have to click Clear a couple times. Sorry.

Clear stats

Lifetime Overview

Bronze 4
Rank Score 0
Tactical Ability Passive Ability Ultimate Ability
Kills 68,790
#2 - Top 0.1%
Revives 11,100
#2 - Top 0.1%
Season 2 Wins 2,160
#1 - Top 0.1%
Season 4 Wins 2,143
#1 - Top 0.1%
Full Squad Wins 5,636
#1 - Top 0.1%
Tactical Ability Passive Ability Ultimate Ability
Kills 3,205
#16,532 - Top 3%
Kills As Kill Leader 984
#1,613 - Top 0.3%
Season 4 Wins 187
#1,009 - Top 0.2%
Tactical Ability Passive Ability Ultimate Ability
Kills 967
#5,508 - Top 3%
Season 4 Wins 61
#680 - Top 0.4%
Tactical Ability Passive Ability Ultimate Ability
Care Package Kills 2
#109 - Top 0.3%

Recent Matches

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4 days ago
Platinum 1
Platinum 1
Level 2,371
Kills 3
Kills As Kill Leader 0
Season 4 Wins 0
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